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Where there is a necessity for a more slip resistant surface, such as steps or sloping driveways, our UV Stable External Resin Bonded range is the ideal solution. This product offers fantastic wear resistance and anti-slip properties and is applied similarly to Quartz Bound.

Unlike Resin Bound, where all the stone is completely incorporated in the resin, the stone in Resin Bonded is laid into the resin allowing a proportion of the stone chip to stand above the surface. With a sharp stone this provides excellent grip on surfaces such as slopes and steps that require safe footing.

Initially the area to be covered is prepared, including the removal of weed growth and loose materials. Any making good is also done at this stage. The process involves applying the base resin directly into the prepared surface and the chosen quartz or shingle is then scattered liberally into the curing resin base. Once cured (usually 3-4 hours) the surface is then swept to remove any excess stones.

The end result is a decorative durable and functional finish. The product is particularly useful where slime and algae cause slippery conditions.

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QuartzCoat supplies a large range of Resin Bound and Resin Bonded Surfacing, Rubber Crumb, TigerTurf and Paveseal Block Paving & Concrete Sealer.

QuartzCoat is a family run and operated business based in Cardigan, West Wales and provides unique decorative surfacing solutions to both the public and private sectors.


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