Resin Bound Surfacing

The term “resin bound” is definitive in its description and means exactly what it says, it is the process of mixing a resin binder with another material to form a solid surface once cured.

The type of material being bound usually lends its name to the final surface category, I.e. resin bound stone, or resin bound glass, and is largely unimportant to the finished surface in terms of the strength and durability of the installation, as we would only ever use a substance which is suitable for that particular application and project.

The most commonly used and widely available materials are undoubtedly aggregates, of different natures, whether it is a Quartz, Granite, Flint or Shingle.

In all Quartzcoat cases, the appearance is very similar, the overall effect being one of a natural stone surface, with all the durability of a solid tarmac type finish, but without the loose gravel issues found with other, non bound stone scatterings.

At Quartzcoat, the resins we use are of the highest quality and are all UV stable, this allows us to use a far wider range of stone colours without the fear of them becoming discoloured or “yellowing” like some of the inferior, cheaper systems available.

By using only the best UV resistant Polyurethane resin systems, and having them made to our own specification, we can be sure that each and every installation is given the best lifespan without needing further resin applications to revive them, which, when using other non UV stable resins, is an absolute certainty to be required, in some cases, after as little as 8-12 months, and usually incurs further cost.

The only pre-qualifying requirement for a Quartzcoat resin bound installation, is that there must be a solid surface of some description in place to begin with, for example, if you have an older, tired looking tarmac or concrete driveway or patio, then that is perfect for the installation of a resin bound surface, but equally, Quartzcoat can be applied over other existing substrates such as block paving, slabs and even crazy paving, if it is solid enough.

So if you have a solid surface of any type, and would like a quote to rejuvenate it and produce a stunning new finish, without the aggravation and expense of having to remove the existing material, contact us to arrange a home visit, during which, we will show you samples, discuss the types of products we feel are suitable, and give you a firm, no hidden extras, quote.



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QuartzCoat supplies a large range of Resin Bound and Resin Bonded Surfacing, Rubber Crumb, TigerTurf and Paveseal Block Paving & Concrete Sealer.

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